You sing to yourself, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” as you sort through a container full of lights. Follow Cm Elect throughout this happy period rather than gritting your teeth about it.

Five simple guidelines for expertly putting your outside Christmas lights!

The Key Is Preparation

Since it’s likely been a whole year since you last used these lights, start by checking any burnt-out ones, testing your lights safely on the ground, and ensuring the wires aren’t frayed.

If you need to buy new lights, make sure they are UL-approved. Consider LED lighting because they are more expensive initially but have reduced ongoing expenditures.

Make sure your yard is clear of any debris that can cause problems later on, and get your most robust ladder. When everything seems good, design time has arrived.

Create the setup

Even a simple design can appear polished with a bit of setup. Draw a rough outline of what you envision and mark the locations of your GFCI outlets so that extension cords won’t get too taut.

Utilize your ladder to take precise measurements throughout your house, keeping in mind that various surfaces require various hanging techniques. For instance, more lights may be needed than just one string across an eave to wrap around columns.

You’ll be able to grab your tools and begin once you’ve recorded your dimensions.

Assemble your gear

Unfortunately, more than a simple string of lights are required to bring your design to life. For harder-to-reach regions, like tree limbs, you’ll need exterior-rated extension cords, plastic light clips, and a light-hanging pole if necessary. Avoid using anything that could harm your roof while hanging it, and think about finding a companion to speed up the hanging process (and make it more enjoyable.

Hanging lights

Hanging lights is simplest when done from the top down. Eaves and gutters are good places to start, followed by window frames, columns, trees, and door frames.

Turn on the lights briefly to check that you like the layout and make any necessary adjustments. Finally, use a timer to prevent your lights from remaining on all night, reducing your electricity costs.

If you do plan to hang lights on your own, here are some tips on how you would be able to do so without any husstle ! 

  1. *Gather Supplies*:  First up you need to gather stuff and grab your tool box with you. You are gonna need decorative lights, if needed then extension cords, adhesive hooks, clips, or maybe tapes, a ladder to make your lighted house visible from far away, and basically any other tools that you feel like using.
  1. *Checking measuring and cutting*: Before hanging of course you need to test whether the lights are working fine or not because you don’t want any trouble after you have put so much effort in hanging them, so check that the lights are working properly, replace any broken bulbs or damaged wires if needed.Cut any excess length from the lights so they are very well hung!
  1. *Outdoor musts!*: Make sure the lights you happen to use are suitable enough for outdoor use. Indoor lights are certainly not weather-resistant.
  1. *Use Adhesive essentials  *: All you have to do is attach adhesive hooks or clips or maybe tapes for that matter, to the surfaces where you want the lights to be hung. Make sure the hooks or clips are secure in place and are able to hold the weight of the lights. Then carefully and gently attach the lights making sure that the gap between them is ample enough to look even and decent! Adhesive essentials prevent the wires from sagging or tangling and tend to give the lights a neater appearance.
  1. *Test test test*: Now it’s time to test your setup, make sure they are working as expected. This step is obviously crucial before your event so there is no chaos created!.

Wrap your lights

Nothing could be worse than spending the entire day untangling cables and collecting broken lights. If you securely keep your lights, your future self will thank you. Wrapping your lights around large cans or a rectangular piece of cardboard and storing them in a labeled and well-sealed container is a fantastic technique to prevent these tangles.

This holiday season, you can make your home shine with some planning and attention to detail. Your efforts will be appreciated by your family, neighbors, and your utility bill.

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