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Electrical services of every kind are offered by Cm elect. All types of electrical repairs and installations, including electrical installation such as light installation, TV mounting, PowerPoint/power socket installation, power trip recovery, and electrical wiring and rewiring, are carried out by our licensed electricians and electrical workers who have undergone specialized training. Additionally, by utilizing advanced technology, we can assist you in locating and fixing electrical issues.

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Why go with Cm Elect?

Services for installing lights

All residential dwellings and business buildings require lighting.

If the correct lights are employed, lighting can aid visually to enhance your place in addition to giving lights to brighten the desired space.

Whatever type of lighting you decide on for your house, we advise hiring a trained and experienced electrician to assist you with the installation.

Lighting Installation

As with other lights and bulbs, you can check to see if there is enough light to illuminate the space.

One bulb may be enough to light up a whole room in some locations, whereas two bulbs may be required in a different area with a space that is equivalent in size.

This is because when light projects, if, any corners or angles could obscure the light, you may encounter dark areas in your environment.

Why not consult our seasoned electrician about the sorts of bulbs & lighting that will suit your desired environment before installing lighting?

Television Mounting

We enjoy remodeling spaces by mounting televisions on walls and giving them a sleek, sophisticated appearance by carefully concealing all cables, wires, power outlets, and antenna connections.

The days of needing a cabinet to contain your TV (and sound system, for that matter!) are long gone. Instead, mounting TVs to walls is the most excellent way to make the most of the available space in a room and update the look of a house.

Professional installers—as well as a licensed electrician—are needed to mount a television to a wall properly and conceal all of the necessary cables.

Safety must be considered when hanging television and producing an incredible aesthetic, especially if youngsters are present. Additionally, you don’t want your beloved television worth thousands of dollars to crash to the ground and become beyond repair!

Our customers frequently have “sound bars” put to the walls below the television; we can attach these and connect them to the tv while concealing all the wiring. Customers occasionally own surround sound systems with front speakers that cannot be wall-mounted.

Again, all connections are covered, and we can create floating shelves on which these speakers can be placed. We don’t leave work until all the devices are communicating and ready for you to sit back and enjoy your new home entertainment system. This includes mounting the TV and connecting all the wires. Don’t worry if the job calls for plaster walls to be cut, holes to be made, or holes to be filled—we can organize and coordinate any necessary rectification work with our reliable partners.


Have you considered rewiring your house or place of business? Looking for a trustworthy electrician to help you with your wiring issues? Look nowhere else.

Circuit breakers, electrical points, light switches, fan switches, wall switches, lighting fixtures, fans, and other devices that you require to meet your lifestyle are included in our rewiring services. Our knowledge extends to both residential and commercial settings.

Electrical Inspection

An electrical inspection is a detailed examination of the electrical wiring and connections in your home or place of business. This is done to ensure that your electrical readings are accurate and in compliance with the minimum standards for electrical safety.

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The significance of electrical testing

Avoid electrical surges because they might lead to short circuits and damage your appliances. There will be an inspection to look for the causes.

Avoid fires: Short circuits frequently result in fires breaking out. Cables or loose wires are the most frequent causes of short circuits.

Avoid electric shocks: An electrical shock can result in severe injury or even death, depending on the current and voltage.

When is an inspection necessary?

An electrical inspection is typically the last thing most owners would think to do. Since we have dealt with hundreds of property owners and enterprises, we know that the requirement only materializes when you receive your keys, or a problem occurs.

Here are some of the frequent issues for which clients search us:

  • Inspection of a new house
  • new commercial space inspection
  • recurring electricity outages
  • increase in electricity usage and cost
  • Higher voltage equipment is required
  • greater need for electricity

Why Us?

Electrical services are offered across the board by Cm Elect. We are a dependable partner for many business as well as homeowners. Our electrical services include electrical wiring and rewiring, electrical installation services like installing lights, ceiling fans, power points, and sockets, and emergency electrician services. We offer onsite inspection to assist you in quickly locating and fixing any electrical issues.

With years of experience and hundreds of testimonials, a qualified & licensed electrician is your one-stop shop for all your electrical needs.

  • Excellent electrical work and prompt service
  • Quality assurance
  • Transparent about total costs with no hidden fees
  • Power trip assistance
  • We have an electrician on call to help you with any power outage or power trip needs.
  • Installation of electricity

Need to have wiring installed in a new or existing home? Our group of skilled electricians can assist with fixing it. Our team of certified electricians has received specialized training in all types of electrical repairs and servicing work. To obtain the assistance you require, contact us today.

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