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CM Electrical can provide you with years of electrical experience, cost-cutting ideas, and creative solutions. As a result, you can expect unbeatable value and the most competent and dependable electrical service available. Whether your project is huge or tiny, our Electrician Eastern Southern Suburbs of Brisbane services ensure that the electrical equipment in your industrial factories, facilities, refineries, and plants is installed, maintained, and repaired by experts.

CM Electrical sees every project, no matter how big or small, with the same fundamental values:




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CM Electrical has considerable experience in all stages of commercial electrical construction, from low to high voltage system installation through maintenance and repair of any electrical issue. Our team of skilled and experienced union employees can readily address minor, everyday problems and work on major, complex projects.

CM Electrical offers

  • Domestic Electrician Eastern Southern Suburbs of Brisbane
  • Commercial Electrician Eastern Southern Suburbs of Brisbane

Whether your home requires routine repairs and upkeep or the installation of a home entertainment system, CM Electrical can help. Our electrical team, founded on expertise, provides skilled service with a high level of performance. CM Electrical concentrates on residential and commercial electrical installations, such as ceiling fan installation, kitchen appliance installation, and electric vehicle charging station installation in various structures. We offer anything from tiny extensions to huge improvements such as underground cabling and remodeling. We provide the following services:

  • Repairs and maintenance in general
  • Upgrades to the electricity grid
  • Upgrades to the switchboard
  • Solutions for LED lighting
  • Testing of RCD’s
  • Building inspections and checks
  • Relocations of NBN boxes
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Lighting for the Garden
  • Home additions and renovations
  • Lights with Sensors
  • Cabling for data
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Rewiring a house
  • Solutions for WIFI networks
  • Calls for assistance in an emergency
  • Additional switches and power outlets
  • Installation of kitchen appliances
  • Electric Systems for Providing Hot Water
  • Installation of Ceiling Fans
  • Fans for exhaust
  • Heating in the Bathroom
  • cabling in the ground
  • Power outlets and outdoor lighting
  • Installation of an EV Charger
  • TV Is Suspended
  • Installation of a home entertainment system
  • Electrical design for a new home
  • General Repair And Maintenance
  • Increasing the performance of your present system

General Repair and Maintenance

Installing new wiring, receptacles, or even converting to modern fixtures are all part of this service. Upgrades may also include increasing the amount of power in your home, which may necessitate the installation of new breakers with more outstanding wattage ratings.

The complete electrical system is rated and checked.

This is a typical upgrade that prevents appliances from running continuously when they are not in use. It also aids in the reduction of large electricity bills. Hiring our electrician to complete this task ensures that you have a steady current that is only used when necessary since they will inspect each wire, outlet, and receptacle.

Emergency repairs are required.

Electrical problems can strike when you least expect them, necessitating emergency repairs. If there is a power outage at work, our electrician should be called right away because it can disrupt typical activities such as lighting, air conditioning, and electrical equipment.

Ceiling Fan Installations – Eastern Suburbs and Southern Suburbs


In addition to lighting up a room, ceiling fans can also provide a pause for your air conditioner or HVAC system. Although ceiling fans work best in “lived-in” rooms like living rooms and bedrooms, they aren’t always easy to install or replace, especially if the room wasn’t built with appropriate wiring from the start.

In addition to improving air circulation, ceiling fans can help you save money on your electric bill each month. Consider hiring us to securely and efficiently install a fan if you have a space that might use a pleasant breeze now and then. Existing ceiling fan issues like flickering lights, slow blade oscillation, or rattling/grinding can be remedied by an electrician by examining the fan’s wiring and replacing it.

LED lighting solutions, Outdoor and Pool Lighting – Eastern Suburbs and Southern Suburbs

Having a well-lit landscaping or outdoor area is critical when it comes to a home’s appearance and functionality. Installing electrical equipment in the great outdoors has its own set of difficulties.

Some landscapes call for suspended or elevated lighting to meet energy demands and environmental exposure, while others require specific amperage, low-voltage transformers, underground cabling, etc. Recessed lighting and everyday use watt/lumen LED light strips are only two examples of LED light strips available in numerous forms. It’s possible to use an LED bulb to replace a burned-out bulb in a conventional light fixture, such as a lamp or a chandelier. It is possible to swap out specialty bulbs like those found in appliances because LED equivalents exist. To save money, LED bulbs can be used to replace the incandescent bulbs found in outdoor floodlighting.

Don’t take any chances; instead, choose CM Electrical as we can do the job quickly and efficiently while maintaining a high aesthetic appeal. Our licensed Electrician Eastern Southern Suburbs of Brisbane will come prepared with all of the equipment necessary to conduct the job safely while also reducing the risk of electrical shock and severe injury.

Outlet Repair and Installation – Eastern Suburbs and Southern Suburbs

In addition to fixing a broken outlet, a certified electrician can build whole new ones! Residential properties have a high demand for plugs.

It happens all the time when you check into a hotel room and find out that the nearest power outlet is across the hall. Do you think it was a good decision? It has become a significant selling feature for homeowners and renters to have quick access to plugs for their electrical gadgets, lighting, and other things like these.

Our Electrician Eastern Southern Suburbs of Brisbane can evaluate what type of outlet is the safest based on your home’s electrical systems capabilities. You can install a dynamic range of outlets and switches for all property demands, including dimmers, timers, and even “smart” plug or home automation after an initial inspection is completed by our electrician.

TV Wall Mounting – Eastern Suburbs and Southern Suburbs

You are worried that your new television won’t work correctly because of the lighting in your entertainment room. Domestic electricians can also install inside illumination if you want your room to be the most tranquil in the house.

The most acceptable option for mounting your television on the wall is a television mount. Watching your favorite shows will be a lot more enjoyable if you have this device. In addition, it will help your room look more up-to-date. As a bonus, it may make your room a little more secure.

As the last point, installing a TV mount instead of a TV stand can free up space on your floor. You can repurpose the area by getting rid of the old entertainment system. When you choose an expert contractor, you can relax and enjoy a movie night or the big game knowing that your television mount is installed fast and correctly.

Switchboard Upgrades – Eastern Suburbs and Southern Suburbs

Modernizing your home’s electrical switchboards is critical if you live in the Eastern or Southern Suburbs of Brisbane. Multiple electrical panels separate the power into its constituent parts and distribute it to various devices. As a result, it’s a safety device for your home’s electrical supply, restricting and monitoring usage. That is why installing safety switchboard modifications to prevent electric shock requires as much time, effort, and money as possible.

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