“Ho ho ho!” Christmas happiness and fairy lights are flashing in houses across Australia as the holiday season is in full swing.

Hanging lights is a terrific way to get in the holiday spirit, whether your season begins the day after Halloween or the week before Christmas.

Christmas lights add certain shimmering warmth to your holiday season, as well as to your backyard, favorite dive bar, and virtually anywhere else.

To ensure that your home and you are safe from this dangerous holiday custom, it is generally preferable to get the assistance of a certified local electrician while hanging lights on the exterior of your home. You should always feel free to call your friendly local electricians at Cm Elect since even simple electrical tasks can be dangerous for anyone who is not a licensed electrician.

However, are you endangering your safety when the holidays are in effect? Read the article below

Why You Should Hire an Electrician to Work on Your Christmas Lights

Hiring an electrician to help you with your Christmas lights can be a good choice when getting ready for the upcoming holidays. You should call a local electrician for the following reasons:

Time And Money Savings

Consider how much it would cost to buy or rent a tall ladder to reach the eaves of your home. You might not think that hiring an electrician to put up Christmas lights would be as economical as hanging them yourself.

Although renting a ladder rather than buying one can save you money, hiring a professional will save you the time it takes to set everything up and find the right tools. Ladders, especially tall ones, are not inexpensive. When comparing the cost of hiring an electrician to install your Christmas lights, consider how much the equipment will cost and how much your time is worth.

Christmas Trees

When creating a winter paradise in your house, “real” Christmas trees are a common choice. However, did you know that a genuine tree may burn down far more quickly than a fire-resistant artificial one? This is the only occasion Electrical Safety First will suggest purchasing a “fake” tree.

Make sure to keep your genuine Christmas tree well-watered if you do. Keeping the real trees from drying out is critical because they may absorb up to a liter of water daily. Hairspray is flammable, so avoid spraying it on pine needles to prevent them from falling off. Especially portable heaters, keep them far away from heat sources.

Ensure the Safety Of Your Lighting

Follow our suggestions if you plan to decorate your tree with vibrant lights.

  • Good Wiring Practices
  • Some extension cords and lights are not intended for outdoor use.
  • To ensure that your lights survive as long as possible and do not endanger your house and family, it is crucial to use the proper tools.
  • Have an electrician look it over to ensure everything is rated and configured properly.

An electrician can also assist you in determining what will be required if you want to run a dedicated circuit to your eaves for usage with Christmas lights and other outdoor applications. With some easy safety guidelines by Cm Elect, we’ve highlighted typical hobbies that could endanger you and your family.

Get Party Ready

It is hard to imagine setting up a huge party at your place without having to worry about a lot of stuff. That is why the world offers you electricians to have your back whenever you tend to need them. We have listed out a couple of ways that prove how handy an electrician at home is!


1.Setting up lights*: A little dash of this point again to highlight how important it happens to be, whether it is decorative lighting, string lights, fairy lights or just special event lighting electricians, have always got your back!. They try to make sure that these lights are properly installed, well-connected, and secured to their place to prevent any hazards.


  1. *Sound System Installation*:Party means music and by music we mean loud-base music that is good enough to echo in your hearts, for that matter a heavy audio equipment is a must-have! Electricians can aid with setting up speakers, amplifiers, and other sound devices, making sure that wiring and connection isn’t an issue that you should be worried about so you can have all the perks of a good party!. 


  1. *Temporary Power Solutions*: Outdoor parties are always more fun but as you would be the one throwing a party, things surely are hard to manage unless you have hired an electrician who can set up temporary power solutions like generator connections or outdoor outlets to offer you  reliable and enjoyable power sources.As a matter of fact, you are not in charge of the whether so In case of unexpected electrical issues during the party, or any sign of rain an electrician’s presence is all what you need for a smooth party. 


So long story short, don’t forget to ring the electrician an invitation at your party!

Most women have freaked out because they forgot to switch their hair straighteners off before leaving the house. Take our recommendations and turn them off, and put them away!

Decorate the Halls

Christmas decorations brighten up houses throughout Brisbane, but they risk electrical safety. One in twelve people admit to leaving their Christmas lights on at night, potentially risking their homes because the lights can overheat and pose a fire threat. Turn them off when you’re not using the lights to give them a break. Prevent using extension leads or adaptors and avoid overloading sockets; if you’re too merry, it’s simple to trip!

Driving Home For The Holidays

Making preparations for your Christmas soundtrack for the train or car?

As you get ready to leave, make sure to remove any charging laptops or mobile devices from the bed. Never overload your equipment, and always utilise a hard surface. Additionally, avoid using inexpensive, non-branded chargers or charging your phone overnight.

Some adaptors might catch fire if they are overcharged.

Make a festive meal!

A house full of family and friends celebrating Christmas makes it easy to get distracted, as nearly half of us have admitted to doing.

So be careful what you heat and avoid cooking after a few drinks of holiday happiness!

Resolutions for the New Year

E-cigarettes can support you on your journey to quit smoking. However, be sure to use the right charger. You can regret your decision if you choose a cheap, unbranded one.

By keeping all the safety guidelines enjoy your holidays. Merry Christmas, and May you and your loved ones celebrate it in peace and comfort, surrounded by a plethora of lights and cheer.

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