General repairs
& maintenance

Every little repair and home maintenance Brisbane is essential. That’s how? Routine maintenance in and around your property is necessary. With an average team of well-experienced workers, all of our house improvement specialists know precisely how to find a problem and fix it. Our team of Maintenance electricians performs electrical repair and general maintenance in both residential and industrial facilities. Our services include lighting, kitchen appliance installation, circuit breakers, ceiling fan installation, incubators, test & tag, and water heaters installation. CM Elec provides reliable home repair experts who have the means and the knowledge to fix your house to a better condition. Your home is your biggest asset. It is essential to keep it maintain and updated for your family’s well-being.

CM Elec gives a complete home repair and maintenance service from fixing a switch, fixing a broken window, installing a tv in your lounge to maintaining your appliances through, to providing a full-time home maintenance supervisor on-premise to ensure your property is secured and operated with a dedicated response.

Whatever the situation, CM Elec implements a cost-effective one-stop-shop for all your general maintenance needs. Our electricians and laborers provide an effective and responsive property maintenance and repair solution.

We have an experienced team of electricians across a broad range of general repair and maintenance works and applications for domestic, commercial, technical, and local properties. CM Elec guarantees all electricians are fully-insured, authorized tradesmen and workers who comply with the Building Code of the USA and all other authoritative and legal necessities.

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