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Over the years, CM Electrical Qld has gained an outstanding reputation for Industrial Fan Installation and has provided them for customers throughout SEQ. We can save you time and money by providing expert consultation & professional advice for your air movement needs.

In a state that regularly experiences extended periods of hot & humid conditions, every Queenslander knows that moving air can be the difference between comfort and extreme discomfort. In a workplace or sporting facility, the movement of air is the difference between safe and dangerous.

It’s easy to take ceiling and extraction fans for granted, but when they stop running at peak efficiency, it can be disastrous for your entire operation.

The benefits of Industrial Fan Installation:

Increased Efficiency

Constant improvements to industrial fan technology means new designs are capable of increased output while using less power. The latest designs use long airfoil blades to achieve thermal destratification. By doing so, these fans equalize temperature and reduce humidity within your facility, taking pressure off existing AC systems – in other words, the AC system can run at a lower setting. This translates to increased energy savings because fans consume less power than air conditioning units.

Safe Conditions

Industrial fans create safer working conditions in warehouse & sporting facilities. Proper ventilation removes pollutants, smoke, and odours from the air before they build up to unsafe levels. Controlling humidity in such environments also protects against overheating, mould build-up, and product degradation.

Enhanced Wellness

Good ventilation strategies remove or dilute pollutants while controlling humidity, safeguarding the health and comfort of your building’s occupants. Maintaining proper airflow boosts your employees’ abilities to be comfortable, and therefore more productive, motivated, and collaborative. These benefits also apply to customers and patrons in commercial environments, contributing to better atmospheres for socializing, shopping, and working out.

How much can industrial fans cool a building?

This is a question we’re often asked – whilst we’ve not actually measured the maximum temperature of a facility before and after a fan install, manufacturers claim average maximum temperatures are lowered by 8 to 11 degrees Celsius.  What we can tell you from experience is that there is a significant difference in perceived temperature as the circulation of air helps speed-up the evaporation process for sweat, meaning the skin feels cooler.

How much power do large industrial fans use?

The biggest fans we install – the 7.3m Industrial Series by Mammoth Fans – use a meagre 8 Amps Single Phase at full speed, which is about the same as a large household fridge!

Whatever your facility requires, our range of specialist industrial fans are proven to cater to all requirements. You can rely on the team at CM Electrical Qld to provide you with a bespoke, reliable, and efficient industrial fan solutions.

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