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LED lighting

Everyone’s heard the term ‘LED Lighting’, but why
has it become the “go-to” for lighting solutions
in the 21st century?

Led Lighting brisbane - CM Electrician QLD

LED lighting

Everyone’s heard the term ‘LED Lighting’, but why
has it become the “go-to” for lighting solutions
in the 21st century?

LED’s Use Less Energy

Prior to LED’s, lighting systems would account for up to 25% of the average home energy budget. Your typical household light bulb 10 years ago would be a 60 Watt (60W). Today, LED’s produce a greater amount of light (called lumens), but using as little as 9W.

LED’s Lose Less Energy

Yes, you read that correctly – LED lights LOSE less energy than any other lighting system. Older light bulbs, such as halogen downlights, generate a huge amount of heat in the process of generating light, and heat is a form of energy usage. Obviously heat isn’t the desired outcome of a light, so that energy is simply being wasted. Not only is the energy being wasted, but the extra heat is unnecessarily heating your house, which means additional cooling requirements – which means additional energy costs!

Produces superior lighting

Not only do LED’s produce a greater amount of lumens than halogen or CFL lighting systems, they also produce a far wider spread of light. An added beauty of new LED light fittings is that they have an in-built switch where you can choose from 3 desired ‘warmths’ of the light produced – warm (a slight yellow tinge, most commonly used in bedrooms), daylight (a white colour, often used in kitchens and bathrooms) and cool (a cold blue colour, only really suitable for medical facilities)

Less maintenance – money & time saved

Whilst there are initial costs for changing-over to LED lights, the costs are well and truly recouped over time.

In the instance of halogen downlights, the globes have an approximate lifecycle of 2,000 hours. An LED downlight has a lifecycle of anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 hours. But halogen lights also require a transformer to produce the correct wattage; and transformers only have a lifecycle of approximately 10 years. The problem with transformers is that when they die, an electrician is needed to come and replace them.

When you change your old lighting system to LED, you are future-proofing your home or business.

With older lighting systems, there are components such as transformers, starters and ballasts that deteriorate over time and eventually need replacing by a qualified electrician. When an LED light reaches the end of its life cycle, it is simply unplugged and replaced, meaning no need for an electrician to come and fix the problem. The cost of new LED lights is coming down every year as the LED technology and manufacturing process advance.

It just looks great!

LED’s have completely changed the way we light our homes and businesses – slimline LED strips mean that lights can be installed where it was previously impossible. And LED pendant fittings are now available in an almost infinite number of

Lifespan in hours10,0009,0001,000
Watts (equivalent 60 watts)101460
Cost per bulb$2.50$2.40$1.25
Daily cost*$0.005$0.007$0.03
Annual cost*$1.83$2.56$10.95
Cost for 50k hours @ $0.10 kWh$50$70$300
Bulbs needed for 50k hours55.550
Total cost for 50k hours with bulb price$62.50$83.20$362.50

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